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I am starting my fourth week @ UO and so far great. Completely different work environment for me; secure building, cubicle (1 of 100) on my floor and exactly three people I see regularly. Most everyone is working remotely so I haven’t met many of my team, but was formally introduced in office wide zoom meeting last week.

On top of that- my youngest got married on Saturday in the backyard. I had exactly four weeks to plan and get the yard ready for the big day. Fortunately, I have a supportive loving husband and three kids that helped a lot. The day had a few little glitches but all in all she was happy and I survived being around my ex husband and all his family who are extremely judge mental.

I had all my grandkids the night of the wedding- age range 14 months to 11. My youngest had never been away from his momma overnight so that made for a very long night of no sleep.

Last night I slept over ten hours and have been laying down most of the day mentally prepping for the upcoming work week.

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I have worked two jobs in my life. The last job I had I worked almost 35 years and did every task. Even so much, my boss compares my giving notice to basically amputating his right arm. I knew he relied on me for many things but he never stated or compensated.

Tomorrow I start training for my new job at the University of Oregon. My official full time start date isn’t till mid August.

I am embracing this new challenge but am also very nervous.

I am not going into the field I’ve been working hard in school for. With one year left at school I’m hoping that being a UO employee will allow me to make a lateral move or even work part time doing what I want to do.

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Purple Haze

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