The Wrong Man~ Hitchcock 1956

Based on a  true story of musician Christopher Emmanuel Balestrero~or Manny,  Henry Fonda plays his  part of a man wrongly accused of robbery.  

This was filmed well, as Hitchcock did in many films, but you could feel the anxst of the whole situation.  Especially when Manny (Fonda) is cooperating with the police fully.  The prison scene I was drawn in to the dark, cold, loneliness he felt in his cell.  His head swirling around wondering how this could even happen, when he was doing something so innocent as trying to borrow from his wife’s insurance policy to pay off some dental bills.   During the whole ordeal his wife suffered a mental collapse.  She did come out of it a few years later, but it was a bit after he was found innocent.

Hitchcock actually filmed most of the scenes on location of the actual story.  Hitchcock sort of got some mixed reviews from this film as it wasn’t his normal Thriller Murder mystery.  It was billed more as a documentary.  I liked it, it was a well done film, and Henry Fonda was amazing in the part.

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