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Mayfly hatches, spring runoff, spawning fish, tulips, debauched May Day Pagan rituals~ blog it all.  Blog to learn, blog to remember, blog to forget.  Document May in images, words, quotes, links, whatever, wherever.  We’re providing prompts for each day, but … Continue reading

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Jaspy vs Pishy….Jaspy won

Last night Lani was able to capture this power struggle between the pug and the kitten.  They have a love hate relationship.  She loves him (kitty) and he hates her (pug).  So last night as she was sitting on the … Continue reading

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Joojeh (Chicken) Kabob

Originally posted on saffronandsabzi:
Joojeh (chicken) kabob is marinated in fresh lemon juice and saffron and then grilled on an open flame or charcoal grill.  Made boneless (bedooneh ostokhoon) or with bones (boh ostokhoon), joojeh kabob goes well with basmati…

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