I Think I Maybe too old… :(

What does Three long days as an expediter and one day as front desk equal=feet full of blisters, some fun, and a bit of stress. Most of the stress came today and yesterday.
The busiest days to work at the restaurant are generally Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and University Graduation. Today the University of Oregon had a record number of graduates. And probably a record number of families who wanted to celebrate the graduates accomplishments.
I was asked about two weeks ago if I could work these days to help out. Generally I work in the office doing bookkeeping-sitting on my butt all day working on the computer,  but occasionally I am asked to come in and help as I started my career working at the restaurant. Shifts unknown I agreed. I was asked to wear all blacks which is unusual, but I did. On Friday I did my normal bookkeeping job and then changed and worked at the restaurant running food from the kitchen to the servers. I did this again Saturday and Sunday. This morning I woke up to massive blisters and very sore shoulders. So I was a bit relieved to find out I was to run the front desk.  Little did I think what was ahead. I had to figure out where 950 + guests were sitting. Some not so celebratory as they had already had a long day at the ceremony and then had to wait to be seated for dinner. Needless to say with a few not so happy people I got all reservations seated and they were still celebrating when we stopped seating.
I realize now 15 years ago when I did this on a regular schedule and then raised my children during the day it was no problem. Now I hurt. From head to toes-literally, but it did bring back fun memories and new friends. I’m not so sure how I did it back in the day.
But I did get prepped for the olympic track trials beginning in two days.

picture 1:  my blistered toes


the YOUNG girls who helped me20120618-220452.jpg

The seating chart…at one point I was covered with red wax on my hands20120618-220459.jpg

The reservation pages and seating assignments, all my scribbles20120618-220506.jpg

More reservation pages, when I was running behind….eeeek20120618-220527.jpg

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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2 Responses to I Think I Maybe too old… :(

  1. niasunset says:

    Oh dear… No we are not too old… just being tired. 🙂 I hope you to take a nice rest… Thanks and Love, nia


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