I Generally Take


Proper precautions when fishing by myself. I have had enough mishaps that I generally take a few extra guidelines to ensure safety. Tell someone or a few people where I am going and what time frame I will be gone.

On my quest to take advantage of this beautiful weather and getting off early I didn’t stop to listen to my body or take proper steps. I was in a hurry to make use of the daylight I had.

I definitely had no business being out especially as icky as i have felt the last week and a half, but I thought maybe being out would lift my spirits and how I feel.

Not so much I drove to a remote spot. Excited to get out on the water I got my rod together, fly tied on and car locked up. I didn’t wander to far before BAM! I fell flat on my ass and hit the back of my head.

As I layed there for a few minutes with tears rolling down my face I assessed the damage. Rod and reel okay-Maryam not doing so good. Weak, shaky and discombobulated I reached for my phone. I tried making a few calls and realized I had zero/zilch no range. No one around, I felt my heart sort of sink to my stomach.

It took about another hour of just sitting there and crying a bit more before I gathered myself up and got back into the car.

Didn’t even swing the rod- didn’t even care. I just felt dumb I had made a poor choice of not listening to my inner voice and my body telling me to stay home and take it easy.

This will not soon be forgotten. Actually I typed it out so I don’t forget. Always let someone know where you will be, along with time frames. If you don’t feel so well re think your plans about hiking out into the wilderness to go fishing. I will not be venturing out on my own again anytime soon.


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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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2 Responses to I Generally Take

  1. Any permanent damage? Hope you’re all right…


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