The Human Dimension

My silly head has been swirling as of late with things people say, or how they say it or show it via media-social media.  

This came up because of something that was posted on my FB page a while back that I didn’t even realize until recently.  I know the age of Social Media~ Tweets, Updates, Blogs but honestly I do think a lot of  boundaries are over stepped here.  Maybe just how I was brought up, or maybe just as I get cranky in my old age I am unsure, but I think people old and young don’t really take into account what they say.  They may think it is funny, vengeful, or their way of an apology~ but why must we hide behind the written word?  Can’t we use our voices anymore?   My answer to this is NO they cannot because they don’t have to face the person eye to eye and be accountable.   There is no consequence to people who randomly make comments or make posts that are irrelevant, inappropriate or just NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  The person can pop their comment in or judge without really knowing.

  It brings a whole different dimension to the table when there is an actual person in front of you rather than a picture or a status update or whatever.  This person doesn’t have to  take into account how it may be viewed by the person they are speaking to or even all the others that may randomly look at your site and see the comment. 

Same goes with an apology.  I think if you have wronged someone-an email, a text does not  make an apology.  I think you should if you can; face to face apologize and somehow make right what you have wronged.  But in this day and age it is easier to cope by not facing it I suppose.  Hide behind the computer screen or cell phone screen or Facebook page.  It is unfortunate as I believe this is how our youth is being brought up and well people are more than just the face on a computer screen.  Interaction, people skills, life lessons are important~not just by reading or writing but experiencing.

SO DONE WITH MY RANT FOR THE DAY…  Smile at someone today, or pick up the phone and say hello.  Don’t just assume anything.  Kind of like I am here, ranting behind my blog, but only one who will listen besides dear old Teddy. 

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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