Originally Posted November 8, 2012

There are very few iconic figures in film as recognizable and known as James Bond. Fresh of the 50th anniversary of Bond on film comes the release of the 23rd official James Bond film,Skyfall, meaning it is an Eon production. Not included are the 1967 David Niven, Peter Sellers comedy version of Casino Royale nor the atrocious return of Sean Connery in the 1983, Thunderball remake, Never Say Never Again.

Bond received what some would call a reboot in 2006 when Daniel Craig introduced himself to the Bond fanatic world as the first blonde haired, blue eyed Bond. Now on his 3rd installment with the newly released, Skyfall, Daniel Craig solidifies himself as quite possibly the best James Bond, not only SINCE Sean Connery but even better than Connery. Connery is without question the most iconic Bond, making a place for himself unlike any…

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