Let The Skyfall

The new 007 movie was all that it promised to be. Amazing filming, action, drama, sinister, cars, love and of course lots of chase scenes. It also broke box office records for opening movies in a theatre.
Lots are saying Daniel Craig will surpass what Sean Connery brought to 007 but I am not sure. He definitely is close to capturing my heart. Besides his piercing blue eyes, amazing body and relaxed sense he just seems to be made for the role of James Bond. But Sean Connery had that macho sexual ism that is sort of taboo these days.
And the storyline is one that hasnt been brought to the table in a long time. Not a villain set out to take over the world, or all the money, but instead it is a dsgruntled employee. A true psycho played very well by Javier Bardem who won an Oscar for his villain in No Country for Oldman. He was very sexual, mind maneuvering brilliant ex agent. Freaky with his knowledge you really weren’t sure how far he would go. There was one scene in the movie that reminded me of Silent of the Lambs-where they have Bedem in a sort of confined box and can intimidate everyone still who were staring in on him.

Jake was disappointed with the destruction of the Astin Martin in the end of the movie. Seems a must to be In the Bond movies. One of my favorite scenes is this shoot it up scene and they blow up his favorite car- well that was it he was seriously angry and the classic bond music came in as he started shooting. Dum dedede dedede Dedede dedede. My written our rendition of what I am humming in my mind. Hehe. Hopefully this makes sense.
Skyfall!! Don’t Miss It!! In a theatre near you!


Photo Credit Francois Duhamel

Photo credit launchgram.com


Photo credit guardian.co.uk


Photo credit telegraph.co.uk

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5 Responses to Let The Skyfall

  1. I have yet to see either of Daniel Craig’s Bond movies. But I would like to — I liked him in the first Lara Croft movie and I want to see what he does with this part.

  2. One of the best Bond films…EVER! It was non-stop adventure from start to finish! xx

  3. LG says:

    What a great movie indeed. One of the best I’ve seen in a while.


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