Rod Class #2-glue and tape and tape

Tonights rod building class was just as tedious as the first class of measuring and banding the guides on each rod.

Tonight we glued the Butt section and the handle on the end of the rod. I was instructed to take the cork handle that I ordered and I had to make the center bigger so it would fit snug on the last section of the rod. This had to be done with care because the cork is very soft and if too much was taken out you risk ruining the whole handle.

After this was done we had to measure the reel seat on the end and figure how loose it was. The play is taken out by carefully adding tape underneath so it will also fit snug once the glue is added This was the most time consuming as you had to make the tape precise to where the seat was and the cork fit snug. As it all came together it was time to take the pieces apart and add the glue and slide the pieces back on without globs of glue coming out everywhere. After this step we placed this section of the rod into a clamp and cleaned any excess glue off with denatured alcohol. Tedious process but glue on any part of your rod will ruin the finishes look.
It is now sitting on my dining table clamped gently for glue to set. Next week we start thread wrapping our guides on! Eeek





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3 Responses to Rod Class #2-glue and tape and tape

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    No way I cold do any of that.


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