To my most favorite brother in the whole wide world.  Nevermind he is my only brother~he is still my favorite.

I was thinking about the things we used to do when we were little.  We loved to play games together; like lost island-where we would all be on this island in the middle of no where and all the carpeting was the ocean.   Or when we would go to the pool every summer and we would either chase each other around the pool or we would pretend one of us was a wounded fish who needed to be taken to safety.

The older we got our game choices changed to board games such as monopoly.   I was a horrible cheater, and I took advantage of him terribly, but we laugh about it today.  I also used to bribe him into exchanging me one dime for like three pennies or something like that because I would convince him that three was more than one.  I guess thinking back I wasn’t a very good big sister.

Now when we get together we still love to play games of course (not as much cheating) and I always attempt to wrestle him.  I used to be able to wrestle him down to the ground, but that was long long looooooong ago.   Now every time I try to wrestle him he takes me down and of course I resort to pulling his leg hairs because that is my only opportunity to break free. 🙂

When he lived closer he would come down and help me with holiday dinners and be my taster, peeler and mixer of gravy, mashed potatoes or trimmings off the turkey or prime rib.  One year we played a not so nice prank on an ex cousin of mine who was a bit stuck up and demanded something special while I was making dinner for about 25 people.  I wont mention what it was, because I know some would not find it so funny, but my brother and I still laugh about it today.

I miss him very much and wish somehow we lived closer so it would not only be once a year that we saw each other.  I am hoping someday that will change and we will all be close as he has a wonderful wife and beautiful daughter as well.    This summer we had a marvelous time camping and exploring and I got to teach him how to fly fish (sort of). 

Lots of great memories with my brother who is absolutely awesome in every way.  Intelligent, thoughtful, funny, loving, great dad, great husband and wonderful friend.

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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