FRAGILE~handle with care

fragile-stock photo googleThis week I have been reminded with how fragile life can be.  I had two things happen: one good and one bad. 

I will only dwell on the good as, it is more positive than the bad.  But I am reminded how important it is to take our loved ones in and gently love on them, care for them and show them how we care.  You don’t realize this until you are in the hospital holding onto one you love, gently reassuring them it will be okay.   Not really sure it will be okay, but not letting them see you have doubt in your eyes.  Inside hoping your quiet words and gentle heart is somehow soothing them. 

No matter what past circumstances are in your life I am reminded about the present however short or long it will be and how much love should be showed in this time.  So many people have touched my life in positive ways and some in negative ways, and whatever I  take away from that person, I should show love.  Gentle love, because they have a heart like me, they have a soul like me, mind and eyes and toes like me.  They can be rude or abrupt or abusive, but moving past that and onto the goodness of this person is important. 

Some people can receive and return this with love, and some cannot.  I am beginning to understand this now.  Either way,  I want to be the first person, the kind loving person, the person who is remembered once she is gone as the one who was positive, and smiled and loved all with all the heart she had.

People are fragile and should be handled with care. 


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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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4 Responses to FRAGILE~handle with care

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    There is nothing better to me than giving love to others.

  2. Dear Maryam,
    Thank you for this very important reminder. Other people might think we are silly, but when my husband or I back out of the drive to go to work or run errands, the other one sets aside what he/she is doing to go to the window and wave goodbye, or blow a kiss. It is like a daily reminder not to take each other for granted, but if anything should happen to either one of us, an expression of love will be the last our mindful interaction.


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