musicnotes hoopcityThis last week has been hectic and busy as usual trying to get the year-end bookkeeping finished up. I have done it for so many years, that you would think at this time I could do it in my sleep. I actually probably almost could, but I get myself in the major anal mode where I double, triple…. check my numbers until my head is only seeing numbers swimming around.

Well yesterday I decided to turn on music to help with the number crunching and printing. The sounds of the keyboard and ten-key calculator can make one go a bit crazy after a while.

I typed into my Pandora account and turned on a new station: Michael Buble radio. Of course as Pandora goes, there is a Michael Buble song here and there, but the other songs have been so very enjoyable. I am such a fan of Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Norah Jones and Adele which is what the majority of the songs have been on this station.

Honestly, it has made my day go by so much better than just listening to myself talk. I can listen to myself sing along with the songs playing on the computer LOL… good thing no one is working with me today.

It always surprises me how music can take me away to a time or a place or a thought. One of the times I was thinking of today while listening to Nat King Cole, was when I was younger, my mom had a Cole record, that I would play every so often on the record player. I would put on this beautiful slip that my grandma had given me, and a shawl around my shoulders and pretend I was a dancing princess.

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