2013!!!!! New Year New Adventures

As I sit watching the sun come up and little birds working the bird feeders outside my window, I think of how excited I am for this upcoming year.

Not making any resolutions.  I have goals, and many changes coming up, but I do not want to set any resolutions and then set myself up for a failure.   I have read so many blogs the last few days about resolutions being made or non resolutions being made and it all makes sense.  I used to set resolutions for myself and actually was successful in completing some of them but I also have been unsuccessful.  So I know I have goals and changes coming up in my life, and I am going to take them one step at a time.

I have finished all my Financial Aid paperwork to go back to school.  I am meeting a counselor next week to see what I need to complete to gain my bachelors degree and make the crucial decision on what I want my field of study to be in.  I have talked to my work and they are willing to be flexible with my schedule so I can take classes and remain at work which is great.

Last year I joined a Fly Fishing Club that is a lot of fun.  We have many events planned for this year, fishing events, teaching events, restoration events.  This group is a coed club and is less costly than my women’s fly fishing group, but I will remain a member of both clubs.  As I have gained so many Lady friends I adore through my Damsel group, so I will continue to go to the meetings and hopefully the annual July float we do each year.   The Coed club asked me to be the greeter membership person for the club this year, so I am certain I will meet new friends, and hopefully have new people join the group.

The fly rod I am building will be finished in two weeks and I am excited to get out and use it.  It will be so exciting to see if I can not only entice a fish to my own fly rod, but perhaps even a fly I have tied.  I will be using my two rods this year as I would like to fish even more than I did last year.

My Volleyball Team starts playing next week and I am so excited.  We haven’t played since summer sand as everyone had different schedule, but we got enough players to form a winter team to play each Tuesday evening.

Aidan 2012 272

sunflower that I grew in my back yard last summer. Not perfect, but beautiful

In a few days I will be  an empty nester again; so Teddy and I need to figure out whether we are staying here or moving to a smaller place.  I love living here as it is so close to the park, bike trails, stores but the rent is high just for me.  The living space is large just for me.  So I need to make a decision of whether I want to move or stay, but I have given myself a 3 month window to figure what to do next.  I wasn’t anticipating my roommate to move so quickly, but I am happy for her.  She was an awesome roommate and I will miss having her and her boyfriend around.  But I am also looking forward to having my own space for a bit of time.    Going to fix the spare bedroom for Madz  for days she wants to hang out.

As I type all these things out….I think EEEEK.  EEEEK for excitement and EEEEK for a bit of fear not knowing what the different changes will bring.

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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4 Responses to 2013!!!!! New Year New Adventures

  1. lg says:

    I don’t make resolutions either

  2. It sounds like you have a lot of good things happening. Best wishes for the New Year.

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