This Morning

I woke up a bit discombobulated and yet still peaceful.

I reminded myself the kids moved out yesterday so it is just Teddy and I again. As I opened the blinds I felt the sun streaming in but shining different light. It was nice.

Although I am still aching from cleaning off my moms roof and gutters yesterday, I still wanted to put food in the bird feeders.

So the thought once again nags in my head. Do I stay or do go? I love living here it is so close to everything and in the summer I can here the cheers of softball, track, volleyball. In the fall I can hear the high school football team playing and practicing. I am a short distance from the park, the swimming pool and dog park, all places I frequent many days with Teddy. The rent is high. This is a pretty big place for just me. But I have a sentimental attachment now for living here as it is the first place I have lived on my own ever. I will have lived here three years in March. I also have built many great memories here as well.

For now I am going to stay at least for the next month or two and then decide. I know I got my school paperwork in yesterday in the mail and lots of exciting things in front of me. 20130106-110911.jpg20130106-110923.jpg

About m

blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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