My Effort may..

Have been a mistake. I signed up to help the Cascade Family FF… Unknowingly I agreed to be the membership person. Of course this position was handed to me with little information about how much is actually involved.

I went to the December agenda meeting-potluck and everyone greeted me with excitement and went about the meeting. Yesterday I received 5 emails each containing 3 spreadsheets and a 4 page letter of what my duties are. EEEEK. One of my jobs is to go to the board member meetings the second Wednesday of each month. It started at 6 and just ended about 20 minutes ago. 2.5 hours later. OMG.

Not to bad mouth anyone who is retired and has nothing better to look forward to but these meetings and voicing their opinions or side tracking on why a certain area is not good to fish at a particular time of year or why we should nominate a FF club for an award. EEEK.

At the end of the meeting- I turned to the couple that passed the job to me and said with a disgruntled voice, “now I know why….” They chuckled at me.

All good intentions and all interesting subjects but it is like getting congress together to agree on the fiscal cliff.

I just got home, put the three boxes of paperwork and name tags in my closet and now am sitting by the fire thinking WTF did I just do….

Definitely some exciting things planned but I now know why the previous people are stepping down. You would think I would remember all the times I sat through parent/ school committee meetings and how much I disliked those… But no!! My brain filed those in the past and now I am signed up for a big 12 months and 24 meetings. I can see why some of these organizations have no young people. Too busy to sit through this each month.

It will be good to expand my horizons and meet new people in the fly fishing world. Glass Half Full I was always told by a dear FF friend. Glass half full. But now that I think about him I do think he warned me many times not to get too sucked into fly fishing groups, they all have their own agenda


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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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2 Responses to My Effort may..

  1. M. Cisneros says:

    Good luck! Maybe you can use it as a opportunity to suggest some changes. Sounds like they need you in more ways than one.


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