The big announcement came this morning on ESPN.  Our loyal fearless coach~who turned down two NFL teams after the Bowl Game and said he wanted to remain loyal to the University of Oregon has left Oregon for the Philadelphia Eagles…. 

Am I surprised?  NO.  Having worked with Chip Kelly, serving him at various catering events for the University of Oregon and watching him interact with his fans and or even the media that I wasn’t  a bit surprised  I have heard rumors of him changing his mind on many events to include cancelling two weddings on the day of the wedding~poor gals (but most likely better off without him).  The person Chip Kelly may have his loyalties to certain charities, or veterans or…., but when it comes to the “regular people” he is an arrogant, abrupt, abusive a** and I am not sad to see him go.   I am sure that if Vik comes back to the Eagles they will be two peas in a pod.

Okay enough of my rant, I have enjoyed watching football for many years and I have enjoyed watching Rich Brooks as a coach, Mike Belloti coaching and all their families, I have enjoyed even serving them, but when it came to working in an event that included Kelly I have a jaded view~good coach, not nice man   I say SAYONARA, GOOD BYE!!! 

Oregon will recover from what they will feel is a real loss, but I say Eagles he is all yours now.


chip chip kelly

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