JOE WARREN~Columbia River

columbia river mapOur Cascade FF group was fortunate to have Joe Warren come and do a presentation on fishing the Columbia River from BC down. The fish in the giant river are GIANT. Some of the pictures of the rainbow trout he pulled out were over 20 pounds. Beautiful, wild, ginormous fish.

How thrilling it would be to be able to fish this section of the river. His lecture was so very informative on water flow, sections of the river to fish, flies to use and triploid rainbow trout. A term I had never heard in my entire life. I was held on a thread, because he said he was not going to go into this species of trout until the end of his presentation. I decided to google it… and according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife they are sterile rainbow trout with a voracious appetite, which in turn gives them the potential to grow to trophy size trout. The eggs of a fish can be genetically altered by pressure or temperature to create a sterile fish. Thousands of these fish are raised on the Columbia River in special net pens and then sold to distributors in Seattle for food or private stocking lakes for sport fishing.

triploid                           tying glass bead

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