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Sort of like the question boxers or briefs for men. Do you wear granny panties or sexy underwear like the ones you see on the Victoria Secret commercials?

I know it is a matter of taste, but I wonder how many people actually feel sexier wearing sexy undergarments. I know I do..and you can get undergarments that are sexy and comfortable. Sometimes a small fee is added for this privilege, but to me it is worth it.

I definitely do not look like the beautiful VS models campaigning their underwear on tv, or in coupons you get on email, but I feel a bit sexier when I have them on.

Criteria for me~ black or colorful, plain or polka dots, lace or plain, silky not cotton and absolutely no thong. I always feel like I have something going up my butt when I have tried a thong in the past. My bras are the same, sexy, lacy, with color-no plain cotton white for me.

For Christmas I purchased these panties from VS that were red and white stripes with a little ruffle on the back side and jingle bells attached. I ended up only wearing them one time, as I didn’t realize that it would be so loud as I walked around. I am sure people I walked by were wondering why my backside was jingling…and the bells did not stay on very well. So not practicle in any sense of the way, but they were definitely cute and fun to give a try.jingle bell

In my opinion, it does make you feel a bit more confident when you take stock in what you wear underneath your clothing. Sure no one sees it, but it is like you have a secret a beautiful secret. I am certain there are those of you who may disagree with me and go only for the comfort of the whole matter and stick to the white granny panties your mother or grandmother wear~ you know the ones I am talking about-they are white and cotton and when you pull them up they go all the way past your naval to your bra line. They are more affordable by all means, but a few more dollars to feel a little bit of sexy is worth it to me.

Is this the same for a man?  I wonder if they wear a certain underpants if they feel a bit sexier, or if it isn’t as important as it is for a girl?  I am unsure, but I have seen some wild men underpants, and I like them….~that will have to be a whole other post to address



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9 Responses to GRANNY PANTIES OR….

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    Funny you should write about this, last night I was thinking about this topic. Why is it that women are stuck with the uncomfortable panties and men get boxers and briefs. They get to be comfortable. Even granny panties give you a wedgie. I like lacy things and or nothing at all.

    • Miss P says:

      oooooooooh commando….hehe I don’t know if I could do that, but definitely lace or pretty. Men …..what can you say they have it easy in lots of ways!! I think if you write on this, it will be much more entertaining than my thought….DO IT!!!!

  2. Granny Panties says:

    A woman can go commando or wear men’s underwear, and I choose to wear “granny panties!!!” There isn’t a DAMN thing you can do about it, either!!!

  3. I like high-leg briefs, but they’ve got to be luxurious and sexy and coordinate with my bras. I love beautiful under garments. They make me feel beautiful and on top of my game even when no one else sees them on me!


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