How is This Possible?


To have “kissing disease” and not have kissed anyone in a very very long time. Sure enough this was the first question I was asked when I was diagnosed yesterday.

I have not felt this ill for this long since I was a teenager in junior high school. I detest being sick, hate being down, hate having zero energy.

It all started with body aches, then chills, fever, lump behind my ear. So tired that the notion of getting up and getting a glass of water seems impossible. So I gave up- went to my most dreaded place, the doctor on Friday. She didnt say much but I had a fever (duh) I looked crappy (double duh) and I should go straight back to bed. Call her if I didn’t feel better by Monday. Well yesterday came around and my symptoms increased-sore back, hard to take deep breath, and loss of weight due to not being able to hold anything down. So I called…after getting the run around I was summoned to the Emergancy room.

After several vials of blood were taken, several IV bags were inserted to elevate my hydration level, the doctor came in quietly and asked “who have you been kissing”. Well maybe this would have been a better more laughable circumstance if I had an answer for him, but damn- NO ONE:((((.

I also have enlarged spleen and elevated enzymes in my liver so I have been placed on a restrictive diet and ordered to not play any contact sports for six weeks.

Apparently Epstein Barr Virus attacks your lower organs so it is said you must take extreme caution not to aggravate or rupture my spleen. So the rest of my winter season playing volleyball is out. Another sad face inserted here :(((.

On a positive note I have lost 7 pounds in the last two weeks. Not sure this would be my preferred way of doing this but ;))). Glass half full as an old old very old friend once said. Thanks Mr Munchy. And I have gotten to catch up on many old movies.

So this infection is most common in young children or young adults generally spread by exchanging saliva. Well I am neither young nor have I exchanged saliva sadly. But of course hygiene, and making sure you stay up
And not let your body or stress run your immune system are also facts.

But in all seriousness don’t ignore your body symptoms. If you have these symptoms below have it checked out ASAP.


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5 Responses to How is This Possible?

  1. My son got mono in college–not from kissing, but from accidentally drinking from the wrong cup, one that belonged to a friend that had mono. His friend Jake also got mono in high school from knowingly drinking from his friend Elena’s cup before she realized she had mono. But, dang! It sounds like you got it bad. Wishing you a swift recovery.

  2. Shit, looks like you’re not the only one…thanks anyway, I’m gonna check it out ! Cheers,


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