March Brown Dry….eeek


Last night I felt well enough to venture out to a fly tying class.  I was particularly excited because I signed up for these classes months ago, but have not been able to attend.  I knew they were going to be tying a March Brown which was a fly I have attempted to tie as a wet, never dry.

Of course some very patient teachers and in my opinion expert fly tiers amongst about 15 beginners.  They demonstrated a couple of times their variation on how to put the fly together and then let us go to try it on our own.  With materials in hand I hesitated as I walked to the table.  I struggle putting wings on any fly so I have not practiced this much. 

My first fly turned out okay, but I had one of the teachers show me a proper figure eight wrap so that the wings would separate.  I didn’t even crowd the eye.  The second one went okay, but the wing didn’t turn out so well, but I felt confident enough to move to a smaller hook.  What we practiced on was a size ten which much to large for a March Brown in this area.  I only moved on size down-12, but it actually turned out pretty good.  

Not bad for two hours-three okay flies to add to my fly box.  I will practice some more tonight-especially on the wing part, and hopefully will get a chance to see if they will catch a fish.  

Neither of the fly images I posted are mine, as I did not have my camera on me, but they are good examples of what they look like, or should look like.

NEXT WEEK~McKenzie Caddis Special…….double eeek.march brown flyfishing connection

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3 Responses to March Brown Dry….eeek

  1. Steve Culton says:

    Here’s the thing about tying a new pattern: the first one kindof sucks, the second one is better, and by the third a light has gone on somewhere and you look like a genius. The more experienced you get, the more your first flies will look like winners. That’s one reason I like teaching wets: those first butt-ugly flies are almost always tremendous fish catchers.

  2. mr graves says:

    Keep up the good work..


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