First Fly Fishing Trip and I was HOOKED

fly fishing5

fly fishing salmon creek august 2010

fly fishing6

salmon creek, picture sb

I wonder how many remember their very first fly fishing trip. I remember mine fairly well as it was not so long ago. A wonderful day that will not be forgotten.

I was invited to go on an outing the minute I was off work. I remember how excited, but nervous I was. I could hardly concentrate on the task at hand because I wanted to be on the road and experiencing the water. I didn’t know how to hold a fly rod, didn’t know how to wade, didn’t know how to cast, didn’t know how to tie a knot.

I had brought a change of clothes to work, so I could get out of my nice clothes and get on the road as quickly as possible so we didn’t waste any day light at all. My friend had all the equipment to make the trip possible including some waders for me to use. He also had done some research so we could find a place that would be fairly easy for me to wade in and hopefully had some fish to catch.

We got up to the spot where we were going to try first and I struggled to put my waders on. Struggled to put the boots on. I remember thinking it is so dang hot, why are we putting all this gear on? After the first 5 minutes in the river, I realized why the need for the waders and the boots. Being a water lover all my life, I just figured we would walk in shorts, flip-flops, no problems and cast the rod.

The first shock I had, was getting into the river and the shock of how cold it was. The second shock was how hard it was to walk in the river with all the gear on, how slippery the rocks were and how hard it was for me to tell the depth with the shadows hitting the water. But it was amazing. The sensation of the cold river running through my legs, but not feeling wet, and the warm breeze in the air. The smell of the trees in the hot summer air. After about fifteen minutes in this spot it was time to move to a new location. I was confused, but I didn’t understand fly fishing at all at that time. I was thinking after all the effort of getting in the water and now we are getting out????

fly fishing4

first few casts~sb

first fish smile

Smile after first fish hooked… sb

The second spot we got to was a bit easier to get down to. The scenery was a bit more beautiful with the water rushing through the big rocks and under the bridge. AND I CAUGHT MY VERY FIRST FISH!!! I was hooked from that moment on.

Now I have my own waders, my own boots, my own rod reel, flies, I know how to tie flies and I am a bit more aware of how to wade in the water. I know now that I shouldn’t stay in a spot if I don’t see any indication of a hatch or fish. I wear warm clothes even on a warm day because the water is generally much colder and after being in it for any length of time, my legs and feet can go numb. I carry a wading stick so I can tell the depth of the water and don’t have to do much guessing on wear there is a drop. I always carry an extra pair of clothes and never go into the water without my safety whistle around my neck.

fly fishing8

releasing a fish, whistle around my neck

~all pictures were taken by my friend who took me on my outing-and captured the very nice smile from my very first fish.

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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6 Responses to First Fly Fishing Trip and I was HOOKED

  1. M. Cisneros says:

    Love this post – reminds a lot of my first fishing experience. I plan to be in your area at the second week of June and think it would be fun for some time on the river. Let me if you’re interested and hopefully we can figure something out.

    • Miss P says:

      That would be amazing. I would love that very much. Give me the dates and when you would like to fish. :). I am always looking for a fishing friend.

      • M. Cisneros says:

        In Bend for a week from June 2 −7 and then through Eugene June 7/8 and then onto Astoria area following that and back out of Seattle on June 11. Still working out details but that should be about right. it would be great! Have a guide scheduled in Maupin on June 4.

      • Miss P says:

        Oh wow. Love Maupin. Definitely will show you a fav spot or two when you are in Eugene. That will be great! I’m super excited. I will email you my phone number or message it to you.

  2. adinparadise says:

    Well done to you, Miss P. It looks like you had a really relaxing time there. 🙂


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