outfitI am fairly certain I have brought up this topic before, but a recent discussion with my hairstylist brought this subject back to my brain.

SIDE BURNS~ from the Merriam-Webster dictionary side-whiskers sideburn

continuation of hairline in front of the ears.  First known use 1897.   

Now why would they be called side burns?  It has nothing to do with burns does it?

to me they should be called side wisps,  or side hairs.

OUTFIT~ from the Merriam Webster Dictionary:  the act of fitting or equipping for a voyage or expedition.

a set of tools used for trade, clothing ensemble for a special occasion.  Well it sounds weird to me out fit…would be like you don’t fit the clothing any longer.  Maybe clothing ensemble.


Other words that puzzle me; freeway, highway, there are more that are not in my mind right now, but if you have some to add please let me know……

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1 Response to WEIRD WORDS TO ME…

  1. Larry D Graved says:

    Here’s some words that l don’t understand. Parkway, there isn’t much parking there. Apartments, they’re all built together. Restroom, not my idea place to rest. Driveway, shouldn’t this be called the psrkway?


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