Yesterday I got the opportunity to go fly fishing with a friend from our fly club.  This person happens not only to be one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but an expert in all things fly fishing.  He started at a very young age as his father built custom fly rods for companies and people for a living. 

casting flyfishlouisiana


I asked him to please help me with my casting and he promised he would.  Finally, our schedules melded and it came to the day he asked me to go along.  We went up the river to a spot on the McKenzie I have never fished before.  He told me to go to this certain spot to fish and he was going to be up river a bit.  I was at first a bit confused, as I thought he was going to help me, but instead we fished for five hours.  His casting was amazing, he could cast the line perfect almost across the river with no effort. 

After we finished up, we packed things up in his car and started back home.  It was in this moment he started telling me what I was doing wrong with my cast.  I didn’t even realize he was watching, but he was most of the time.  He said he likes to observe someone fishing before he inserts his opinion.  This was a good way to teach for him, that way he wasn’t feeling intimidating, or not seeing what my natural cast was by interrupting me every few moments. 

Overall, he thought my cast was okay: but two glaring problems he observed.  1.  I hold the rod handle to high on the rod, which causes the rod not to use the full action it is intended to.  2.  I broke my wrist with every cast.  He said part of that was because I had a grip on the handle too high, but mostly because I have fished this way for a long time so it is a natural movement on my part. 


mahler performance casting

I felt positive about our outing and look forward to working on both of these things with my casting.  Thank you Mr. Marlatt for a positive day of fishing.

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