Marci getting ready for our day

My day with blogger friend Marci (Memoirs of a flygirl) was so fun. I will admit I was intimidated at first and wasn’t sure if I would be able to take her on a successful day of fishing in Eugene. Her prior days if you look at her link here, were spent in Maupin fishing the Deschutes with a well-known guide.

My very good friend Randy from the CFF group had offered to take us down the river on his drift boat on a lower stretch of the McKenzie river. It was going to be a full day on the river and lots of water to catch a fish in. I wanted to start late, as I had worked a late nights the last four days in a row. My body clock has turned around since I started picking up shifts at night. Since I was working the night she came into town, I asked her to come to the restaurant so we could meet and she could hopefully get something good/refreshing in her tummy. Randy joined her, so she would have company and they could talk about what she would like to experience on her quick stop through.

The next day we started out at my favorite coffee shop for much-needed caffeine and bagel. After a nice visit, we went to the Caddis fly shop so she could pick up some souvenirs of her stop in Eugene. AND THEN… we were on our way to the river.

We arrived at Hayden bridge and unloaded our gear into the drift boat. We weren’t even five minutes on the water and Marci had her first fish on. A nice cutthroat trout. It was a bit of a Chinese fire drill as I was trying to reach for my camera which was in the front of the boat and she was bringing her fish in slowly. We floated for a bit more and she was onto another fish another nice cutthroat. Since they are her beautiful fish, I know you will be able to see her fish pictures on her blog.


Randy’s drift boat

onward and forward we talked and fished hard most of the time. Not much of a hatch was going on, but I fished a dry caddis fly all day and was successful. Lots of misses but three fish :). Two of them were on a back channel where Randy parked the boat and we waded and fished for a bit. Somehow I have easier time casting from solid ground than I do from a drift boat. I know many people have success from a drift boat because you have access to water that you can’t access by foot, but for me I like having my feet on the rocks and the river running through my legs.


Randy and Marci fishing the back channel


Randy and Marci- back of the boat crew….


Casting on the McKenzie


Marci rowing the boat


A nice beer to finish up the day on the water

WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to SURPRISES & FUN

  1. M. Cisneros says:

    It was an amazing day! And your hospitality made it all the more special. Thank you so much – I am looking forward to our next fishing adventure.


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