Benefits of Damsel Float

In the years past I have learned so much about fly fishing. And I have improved 100%- from the very first year I attended

The rules of the trip are: pick a partner and then get paired with a guide. Everything that is caught in the morning is then fried up at lunch and served potluck style with salads and desserts the other ladies brought. After lunch and chatting – pick a new partner different guide and fish the remaining way down with the option of keeping or releasing any fish caught. (I always release). This year I was paired in the morning with a lady that has been fishing for a very long time. Her casting is amazing and I was always sort of striving to someday be as good. Well yesterday I would say I have become a fairly good caster (not as good as Marika) but my knowledge of what is going on in the water and key spots to cast are a bit stronger. Not that you necessarily need this knowledge if you are with a guide who wants to teach and show. (I was fortunate to have the same guide all day and he was eager to teach). In the afternoon the fishing is a bit slower-it is warm and the sun is hitting the water straight on. This gave me a chance to get to know a new lady to our club who has never fly fished. Her experience was zero. She had lost her husband a few years prior and she was just getting out to learn new things. Very kind lady.
I have never caught a sizable fish in the afternoon but yesterday I DID!! It was exciting and on a dry-fly in an area I did not anticipate a fish to be holding. (Key to a good guide 🙂 who can hold the boat in tricky water.
After the day was finished I carpool a group back to our breakfast meeting spot and said our goodbyes. Some I won’t see again for a year and others I will see at our next club meeting. We always reconnect no matter how long it has been as if no time has passed. It is wonderful!!


Marika and Dave


first fish of the day 🙂


on the swing….marika


Kathy and Barbara enjoying lunch in the shade


big ole skillet used for frying the trout


nice native that came to me on simulator in the afternoon (sorry blurry)

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