To Protect and To Serve 1% negative.

I always has a high opinion of policemen. Civil servants, representatives and our justice system.

I try and stay away from rants and raves, political issues and the crap that continues to fill our television with unbelievable problems.

This week an officer in Eugene was arrested for improper conduct at work and with friends. He had been working within the high school my kids attended as police presence for the last ten years. My children both thought he was creepy but didn’t go much more into it and I just felt they didn’t like him-So these high school students have a police presence on campus who ends up being a creeper and a liar.

It makes me think of this gentleman I knew who was a former cop who had not such high morals as well. I hope on his day to day life with his security job he has changed but I don’t know. Some of the stories he shared just didn’t sit well in my stomach. Some of the things he did as a person would make me think twice of trusting him to protect and serve.
Then Anthony Weiner… Really does he expect that someone will vote for him even if his wife is standing by his side and all for him. I can guarantee you I would not not give him a fourth try or any try as mayor. What are the wives of these cheats thinking standing and defending their man who all along may have someone else on the line.

Are we in a world of corrupt law enforcement and corruption in the higher offices? Who is left to protect and serve? We cannot leave things on private sector as some have equally no sense or correct outlook on people.

I feel our world is in an economic, political, downfall. I hope some good people can stand up to people who intimidate-bully and we can re-learn why the cops are there. To Protect and To Serve.


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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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