Day One-McArthur Burney

Morning started with a perfect cup of coffee and what my S-I-L calls delicious pancakes that I make on a griddle with lots of butter.

I ventured off with my nieces to see if we could find some nice fishing areas. This area we are in is not lacking in fishing locations. High Lakes galore and small creeks all around. We started fishing above the falls but it seemed quiet.

We then ventured below the falls- to the big pool not having seen the falls yet. Oh my. The walk down the .30 mile path was worth every step. The thunderous sounds of the water coming over the rocks and dropping was breathtaking. As we got closer we noticed several other fishers. We casted a bit below the falls, but with the beauty of everything along with the mist and cold we didn’t fish for very long.

We headed back to camp for lunch and then to check out the lake. It is an off shaped lake that was full of weird green float stuff possibly algae, although it was very strange to me. The men at the boat rental area looked at me strange when I asked him for good areas of the lake to fly fish. “No trout in this lake ma’am” just crappie and bass” no one fly fishes here either. But they did tell me some spots to try outside the campground So I went swimming with everyone for a bit then we headed back to camp.

I was not designated cook tonight which meant I was going to find some trout somewhere.

My niece and I ventured out to a fish hatchery about ten miles away. It was a creepy looking hatchery compared to ones I have been too in Oregon. And not further away was a dam. (Also a but haunted looking).

We fished a bit by the dam and then drove down to Baum lake. Saw many Osprey and Eagles and Pelicans. We did not fish there but saw many others fishing with lures.

On our way back to camp we stopped at a construction business that had recycled its old vehicles into funny things such as flying pigs, large ants, dinosaurs etc.

We returned just in time to enjoy a delicious Indian meal prepared by my sis. And I tried my hand at baking brownies over the fire in a Dutch Oven. Turned out like lava came more than brownies.

Great first day.







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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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