Day 4~ Baum Lake

Possibly one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. Baum lake was a treasure I came across after visiting the hatchery on day one.

So I talked everyone to trekking over there for the afternoon. Warm breeze under the willow trees offered a peaceful spot for my mom, sis, sil, to sit and gab.

I walked across to the other side of the lake with my brother, Kate, kell, dad and bil for fishing

There were pelicans everywhere along with beautiful Osprey and a few Eagles flying overhead.

We gathered up and went to the other side and fished where I happened to hook two fat rainbow trout. There were two guys fishing not to far from me with worms and limited out at 5 each with-in 30 minutes. My dad didn’t quite understand why my method wasn’t as productive.

Teddy was happy to be there swimming with the kids!!!



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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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