If you are purchasing a fly rod for a beginner or advance fly fisher consider purchasing an ECHO!!

Four years ago about this time of year I was gifted with my very first fly rod- a 9 foot 5 weight 4 piece carbon rod, by echo- given to me by Mr Munchy. I have to admit it has been favorite rod to date.

Over my vacation my fly rod broke. I am unsure how it happened, but was seriously bummed. And then I remembered that echo has a lifetime warranty. I had broken my fly rod the second year I owned it when I fell down into the river and sprained my ankle. Caddis shipped it off and echo repaired the tip and returned it to me.

Last Friday, I found their email and told them my dilemma. Immediately they sent me an address and form to ship my rod to. I shipped it off with the original case (zipper broken) and today… On my door step was waiting a long box. Inside was a brand new fly rod, sleeve and case. WOW!!! That is what I call service. Hooray for ECHO!!!! BUY ECHO!!!



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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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