Many of us pay some price to enjoy what life offers up to us. Whether it is going to a movie at a theatre, theme park, zoo, museum or enjoying a fine meal. Then there are those that pay a large sum of money to get the perfect shot with a perfectly placed elk or pay a large price to fish for trophy trout on a private lake.  It depends on what you want to pay for I suppose, taking the time to do your homework and explore a new area or go to a “hot spot”  a fly fishing friend reported. For some the excitement is getting the large fish offered up on a platter and getting the perfect shot for you to show friends and family.trillyfish2

As I research some of these places I realize that this comes at a costly price.  For example:  Oregon Private Lakes; You are paying for access to private land, paying for the people who maintain the property to include lodging, access and bringing in the large fish for you to catch and create the perfect photo opportunity.  Some offer actual guides to even help you with catching fish, but that also comes at an extra cost.  I found out at the Albany Expo you can pay an annual membership to have access to private lands as well that are not available for all to fish somewhat of an exclusive club so to speak.

This concept maybe somewhat appealing to me, only because I have only once caught an extremely large trout and it was very exciting (not on private land, but a stalked hatchery fish). Then I think of all the waterways we are blessed with in Oregon that are accessible to all  for no fee or a nominal parking fee and fishing license. The Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife stock over seven million fish per year in specific water sources. 20130324-212408.jpg

Sure it will take more effort to figure out the puzzle of the where and the when to go out and what fly or bait to present, but again for me that is the fun!!!  Of course you have to be aware of the guidelines, and take the risk that you are in a public water way and wont be “all alone” generally if ODFW has just stalked.

I have been blessed in the four and half years I have been fly fishing to bring lots of fish to my hand.  Too many for me to count and all ranging in sizes and species.   Each year offers up more opportunities to explore and fish new and old waters  and meet new people along the way.   Next I will need to invest into a camera that is not my phone…. so I can capture “the shot”trilly fishy

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