Crows …. EEEK. I have never been a fan of crows ; they make such strange noises and they always seem associated with bad things. Of course I have seen Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds – and even though they are not crows in the movie they seem the same to me.
Last Saturday when I was on the river fishing there were crows everywhere along the banks scavenging the fields and orchards. Randy told me another name for a flock of crows is a murder of crows. Okay that creeped me out, but being the jokester he is he asked if I wanted to see something interesting. Okay- I should have known better, but instead I agreed. He soon grabbed a black cap, placed it on his hand, stood up in the boat and started waving his arm making a crowing noise. Well within minutes the crows that were on the river bank were now circling over our boat inspecting to see if there was an injured one from their flock. I didn’t believe him until they came closer and closer. I screamed and asked him to stop- of course I had my fly rod in hand if they came too close to us. Of course the chuckle master was laughing his butt off.




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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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2 Responses to A MURDER OF

  1. M. Cisneros says:

    Ha – Thats pretty crazy. Yikes! I categorize crows with crickets – creepy.


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