Thankful For- day 3

kelsey 2009
I have been blessed with three beautiful children. I will list each one separately as it is their uniqueness in life that makes me so thankful.

Kels- my oldest daughter. She has come up in a few recent blog posts because a new life change will be happening in her life very soon. She will add the title Wife to the many titles she already holds.

I still remember the day Kels was born almost like it just happened yesterday: the excitement, the nerves, the questions~ was I going to be a good mom? would we be able to provide for her in ways we thought she deserved? would she be happy?
Well the minute I heard her screaming coming out of my warm tummy I knew she was unique. She was very loud, very Strong. Even the nurses were surprised at her Apgar scores. Her numbers for going through such a strenuous labor were amazing. (and well we sort of make fun of her) because under the surgical lights she had a hugh of green because of the amount of labor stress she had- or maybe I was tired and she appeared green at first- we called her frog baby.
I took her home and was so proud. I wanted to dress her up into a new outfit every few hours. Put her tights on, hairbows on, a new set of shoes. She wasn’t a large fan of breast-feeding so after about six weeks of trying we were advised to pump and supplement with formula. She much preferred the formula and was so independent she began holding her own bottle almost immediately. She slept through the night and had a fairly regular schedule. One thing her daddy and I found out right away was her love for music. We would had music on the stereo and she would hum or James Taylor would come on and she would twirl through the whole song. This daughter of ours was blessed with vocal chords that can knock your socks off.
At age 5 she auditioned for an elite children’s choral group and made it in. She continued to sing through school and in high school we hired a vocal coach by the recommendation from Music experts at the U of O. Her lessons with Sandra were wonderful. She was pushed Kels vocally beyond what any of us could imagine and she began to blossom as an entertainer and musician her sophomore year. Watching her performances in two separate choral groups through high school was amazing. Her voice even got her a full ride scholarship to Mt Hood CC where she would travel around the world with their Jazz Vocal group and study music. She made the move up there and had begun rehearsals with the choral ensemble a few weeks before school began. On the first day of school I got a call from her that she was having terrible pains so I drove up in a panic to meet her in the emergency room. We found out she was pregnant and also had a cyst which was causing the aggravation. Scared and far away from home she opted to leave school and move back home and be close to her family for support. This worked out wonderfully because she is surrounded with parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and siblings who all could give her the support she needed.
Now she is a wonderful mother, has a strong career and will be getting married very soon. I am so proud of the beautiful lady she has grown into. She is a strong, beautiful girl/woman who I am blessed and thankful to have as a daughter and a friend.


kels prego




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kels beach

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