Thankful For- Day 4

Where I live. This seems almost funny for me to say, because since I moved here, Eugene, Oregon 39 years ago, I have always said I will never live here long term. I always loved visiting big cities, the hustle, the energy and the fun things a big city has to offer.
I guess I am getting old, because I am happy with the city I live in. If I get into the car and drive 60 miles west I am at the Pacific Ocean- if I drive 60 miles east I am in the mountains. I live in a University town which brings this small city lots of energy of students, athletics and things to do.
Maybe it is because I am only 10 minutes away from a prime fishing spot on the McKenzie if I want.
Then it comes to my home. I have rented a small duplex since my divorce four years ago right across from where I graduated from High School. There is a track field, baseball field, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, outdoor swimming pool and a football stadium all within three minutes from my home. Teddy and I walk along the park trail each day-and if bubba visits we walk to the park.
I am so thankful for my home and the city I live in. God has blessed me here.






About m

blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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