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Being a server part-time, this is helpful information from ADOPTINGJAMES.  I don’t think many people realize that the tips you give your server is also shared amongst the other staff working the same evening.  Bar, Host, Bus and Kitchen staff all receive a portion of the tip you leave on the table, whether it is 20 percent or 1 percent, the server in our restaurant is required to tip out a percentage of what we sold for that night.  So if the tip is less than standard then after the tip outs are made sometimes it is minimal at best.  Just something to consider-not all restaurants require this, but most do.

Life Through the Big Screen


Most of us have worked a job serving tables, delivering food, or some sort of unglorified job where paying our bills relies almost completely on the generosity of others.

But then there are many who have been lucky enough to avoid such vocations. Thus, there are people who have no idea that their servers and delivery drivers only make about $2.15 an hour, depending on the state and restaurant.

So the tip you leave them is not additional money on top of a significant salary. It literally goes to paying their bills, maintaining their car, taking care of their children, getting their loved ones Christmas presents, etc.

So I’ve compiled a few steps that I follow when leaving a tip for someone at a restaurant. Yes, I really do keep all of these factors in mind every time I go out, and I think if you do the same, you’ll…

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