With the cold weather all around – streets closed, restaurant closed, called off work, my son Jake thought we should watch the series Breaking Bad. He has already seen it but wanted to watch it again with me. We started the pilot last night and I sat through five more episodes before I forced myself to bed at 2 am. This morning i puttered a bit covered up and picked up where I left off last night. I was into the second season episode 3 when we lost power to the house. I am so bummed… I started a fire and candles and now sit and wait for the power to be eventually restored so I can finish season 2.

The premise behind this show is so intriguing and then all the intertwined lives along with action packed has me at the edge of my seat wondering what the hell will happen next. I have not been into a tv series like this since House.

Great cast of characters who play their parts without a flaw. And the premise or storyline of film is mind boggling


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2 Responses to BREAKING BAD

  1. Happy Bare says:

    An excellent series indeed.


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