Hard to believe there are petroglyphs that have dated back 27,000 years. Not to be confused with pictogram, petroglyphs are a form of rock engraving. There are many interpretations to what petroglyphs may be, but it is thought to be “pre-writing” stage to show maps, astrological signs and communicate. I looked it up a bit, as I don’t know much about them and was fascinated to find how many petroglyphs can be found world-wide.

In Hawaii Volcano National Park there are some great petroglyphs that are in the lava beds. While I did not get to see these awesome sites, I got the next best thing… pictures from my dear friend who is in Hawaii. Here are the pictures he shared with me.

Added information given to me regarding these pictures~
Nice blog note. To fill in from my knowledge; I understood these were chipped in during movement from one fishing area or whatever. to another. Ones I saw some time ago north of Kona were extensive and quite interesting. Couple of days ago visited area totally taken over by Marriott and petroglyphs were almost a joke with alteration by fun loving youth. Yesterday .7 mile but seemed like longer a wonderful area with marker carens on way and platform to walk around over the site. Much more limited in variety of markings. Lots of peck holes some circles and few figures. The interpretation is that over the years people would come to this area to memorialize their new babies. Placenta pieces placed in carved holes.
Not any indication they were honoring the dead. Some were just abstract!!!!!! Age of carvings 400-700 yrs.


not sure what the symbol is, but very cool


sort of looks like a person-stick figure




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