Bobby McFerrin

On Sunday evening driving home, I turned on NPR and caught the middle of this very interesting interview. I didn’t know who was getting interviewed for about ten minutes of listening, but I was so enthralled with what he was saying and improvising on the radio. It was magical and soothing. Widely known for his song Don’t Worry Be Happy.


bobby mcferrin,

Part of his daily routine is to get out of bed and make something musical before he does anything else throughout his day. To be able to make the sounds he can make come out of his body is amazing. Another interesting note was that he does not like to write lyrics, because he said for him it is just the way he can express his voice and whomever is on the other end can take away from his creation however it touches them. HOW AMAZING!!!!

Towards the interview he spoke on the song Psalm 23 which he dedicated to his mother. The lyrics were changed to make The Lord His Shepard a Woman. This was because he said when people think of their fathers, they don’t always have great memories associated and he felt this should be a tribute to mothers. Beautifully sung and gives me time to ponder.


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5 Responses to Bobby McFerrin

  1. Very interesting! I love the way and reasons he changed the shepherd to a shepherdess. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Happy Bare says:

    A very talented and clever person. Glad to have caught up wit him again.

  3. Alex says:

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  4. Very interesting post,brings back memories.Thank you for visiting my blog.Warm regards.jalal


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