People like this. In the three years of blogging and following blogs I have never in my life experienced such a crazy whack-a-doodle issue.

I was reading a new blog I came upon by a fellow follower of mine. Well
I read a post that hit me true and I responded kindly and hoping to offer a bit of encouragement.

I did not even think about it again until I had this crazy comment on my blog.


I was confused and went to respond and realized this person wrote a post about how I was a fake person trying to impersonate someone else. He rewrote my blog address so it appeared fake but he had my face etc.

I responded in shock of course saying he had my address written wrong and to please look at my blog I was a real person. He didn’t of course post this comment instead he added more unwarranted claims about me.

I tried to shrug off and go in with my day when I then received a comment and an odd email I was copied in from another person telling me about what this blogger had done with my comment and the whys. He then wanted to know my connection with him.


The email which was directed at me and other people went on and on about this person who wrote the blog and how an investigation needed to happen.

Okay okay – how did this happen? What is the internet blogging for? Intimidation? Defamation of character? I thought it was to share thoughts, pictures, life? I Thot you have a comment page so if someone wants to leave you a comment they can. Not misconstrue everything into a huge conspiracy bullying thing.

In my opinion this Mark is a bully and uses his blog to intimidate others. Of course I didn’t know that at first. The subtitle of his blog is “Never be bullied into silence, never allow yourself to be a victim, let no ones definition of your life define yourself.”

Well I see this morning he has taken down yesterday’s post and added a separate post of me using my name saying I Bullied him and Threatened him to take it down.

Well a note to you Mr. Marc Simpson; I have a real face, a real blog, a lovely life and do not let others define me. And if they have a definition for me it is usually a positive definition. I am sorry you lead such a sad life that you have to take innocent people and turn and twist their words so you appear the victim. Do you need that much attention? Are you lacking that much self worth that you need to suck others into your game? Just questions for you Mark.

Well hopefully this gives you the attention you so desire.

About m

blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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