It is done. Finished. My life as a part time server at the Oregon Electric Station is done.

Finished strong and held it mostly together. I walked into to look at our dry erase board one more time for soup special and someone wrote 86 rules. Fitting- I suppose everyone could have been wreck less and done whatever because who was going to fire us? Of course everyone did what we did everyday.


It helped that most everyone was working tonight so we could be ready and then say our proper good byes.

It helped to have guests the last night that were regulars. Sentimental, wanting to share their thoughts and memories. There are so many for every person who walked through the doors.



The seating board used to show which tables were taken. I have written on that board with wax pencil so many times. Busy crazy nights-when it looked like a black and red smudge. >


So as I was picking up my last guest check some tears rolled down my face.



I will have some time on my hands now. Start getting ready for my fly fishing trips.


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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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6 Responses to FINI

  1. Lillie says:

    Hugs…I think you honored yourself and carried yourself with dignity. Many people would have done their worse when in that situation.

    I am looking forward to planning my fishing trips. Fishing is good self-care.

  2. aFrankAngle says:

    When something is part of a person, the fact that the last time isn’t easy shows much about their character and commitment. Well done!

  3. M. Cisneros says:

    Oh my gosh Maryam! I am just catching up on my reading and see the OES closed 😦 I am so sorry. I am sure all that must have been such challenging time for you. I was able to experience a moment of time there with you and it was awesome. Thank you for sharing that with me and introducing me to a few of the “family” members. Thinking of you. If you have any free time I would be happy to have you here in Michigan for a fishing visit. It would be fun and help take your mind off things.

    • Maryam says:

      Marci, I am so glad you got a chance to come as well. Thank you for your kind comment. I hope life is treating you well in Michigan.


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