Cannot say when I have ever had such a great group of teachers help me with this foreign technique of fishing.  We were fortunate to have Scott Robertson, US National Fly Fishing Team and gold medal champion, Vern Jerimica also well known fly fishing champion and fly tying extraordinaire, Mike McCoy from Snake Guides, funny, talented and super smart, Russle Robertson, son of Scott Robertson and Bruce Luxford.


This team of men explained the principles of Czech nymphing, made the leader lines curly whirly included- and tied about a dozen per person.



It was much different than I had anticipated.  You only fish with leader and tippet, no fly line comes off onto your rod.  And you fish the nymphs not as a dead drift pattern.  So as  you cast up stream, you drop your tippet with two flies on (a smaller midge pattern and then a heavier nymph pattern below).  Once the flies are in the water you immediately lead the line down stream with your rod.  Not a hard pull, but never let your line slack, the minute you have a strike you will see because the curly whirly that was tied in, changes and you must automatically set your hook.



This technique was developed on the early 90’s and has been proven to be a very successful way to fish.

Roz and I were fortunate to have Scott As our teacher and guide for the day. His patience was above and beyond fishing with us. His knowledge was fabulous. He just knew. He knew exactly the spots to fish and what fly to use. The blue midge was the most effective.


Of course all the guides has fished the river the day before but their knowledge of the Crooked River was greater than a one day prior expedition on the Crooked.


and …. we had NO fun at all…..

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