Lasagna with Pistachio Pesto and Prosciutto

The Garum Factory

Pesto-Prosciutto Lasagna-2091

I eat a tomato lasagna about twice a year.  When it appears in caveman portions, as it usually does, the sight of it fills me with a kind of anticipatory fatigue.  Oh, no…  Am I really up for this?  It doesn’t have to be this way.  A Ligurian lasagna redolent of basil and pine nuts is seductively lighter, a Wilma Flintstone to Fred’s red version.  No need to clean the Augean stables or capture the Cretan bull to work up an appetite before you can eat it.  Ordinary hunger will do just fine for Lasagna with Pistachio Pesto and Prosciutto.

In Emilia-Romagna lasagne* is a simple dish of baked wide noodles layered with only three ingredients: tomato ragù, bechamel sauce (besciamella) and Parmigiano Reggiano.   All the other stuff we tend to think of when we think of lasagna – ricotta, mozzarella, ground beef, sausages, etc. –  comes from other Italian regional variations on the dish…

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2 Responses to Lasagna with Pistachio Pesto and Prosciutto

  1. mmmm…..maryam! jus looking at that foto gets me so hungry! i luv lasagna..any lasagna!
    thanks for dropping in to my blog

  2. aFrankAngle says:

    Looks great! … and my mom used bechamel sauce on lasagna.


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