aka Chironomids or non-biting midges.

The midge was the first fly I ever learned how to tie.  A simple pattern with not much material on it has proven to be a very successful fly in my fly box.  When I was in Crooked River with the guides had us use a midge that was size 16 and blue.    I thought the blue was an odd color choice, but I caught fish after fish on this.

deadly methods

















bob wolfeLast week at the CFF meeting our guest speaker was Bob Wolfe and the subject Why Fish Chironomids?   Above you will see this fish was hooked on the larvae of a chironomid which is red in color due to the hemoglobin and are sometimes referred to as blood worms.

When I was at the Fly Fishing Expo I saw a few people using this special technique to make the blood worms, where they would inject red dye into this thing tubing and then wrap it around the hook.  It was so unique.



blood worm,




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4 Responses to CHIRONOMIDAE…

  1. Happy Bare says:

    Wow, that is so cool. The whole process of fly tying and fishing is so interesting.

  2. It’s quite an art!

  3. Steve Culton says:

    I love fishing midges. That is a great photo.


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