DANCE CLASS….one two three EEEEK

swingI am in week four of my East Coast Swing dance class taught by Staver Dance studio in Eugene.

Never have danced a lick in my life, this is a whole unique experience, one that I very much enjoy. The first class I was a nervous mess. I wasn’t sure what to expect and not knowing anything about dancing made the fear factor larger.

So I go into this class with my friend who has paid for my classes, and am encountered by many walks of life. Most everyone is sitting in the entry way of class changing into their dance shoes-and some like me just putting their socks on. Our teacher Linda comes out and immediately has everyone pair up with your partner. If you didn’t bring a partner, she will pair up with you, or there maybe someone else to pair up with you-no problem.

We start learning the basics of the East Coast Swing- one-two-three…one-two-three rock step. And with each progression we learn a new turn, or twist which makes it a bit confusing unless you give up complete trust in the man to lead you into which move you will be doing next.

Okay…I think I have the hang of it, seems pretty easy…oh but WAIT!!! It is time to rotate partners…. Say What? I was happy with my partner in class, but the rules are you are learning a new move then rotate partners moving to the right each time; sometimes the girls rotate and sometimes the boys rotate.

That is all fine and dandy except when you do not know what you are doing and it seems that everyone else in the class-at least the men in the class-are fairly confident. Some more than others mind you, but none the less, much more confident than myself. Then there are the ones who know you are new, and really don’t want to waste their dance time with the newbie in the class and it is very apparent, so of course that makes me more a fumbling bunch of nerves.

At our last class, Linda came up to me and said how she was excited to see my progression coming along so well. Well we had a bi-week, so tonight I have gone two weeks without practicing a lick of class and I feel a bundle of nerves coming on again.

So I went onto Youtube to see if I can refresh my memories and now I see there are so many moves we have yet to learn…..EEEEK.  It is all about posture, timing and trust.

Pretty soon I will be doing the East Coast Swing with fly rod in hand-maybe it will be a new casting technique…hehe.


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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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7 Responses to DANCE CLASS….one two three EEEEK

  1. Happy Bare says:

    How wonderful! How simply wonderful. I only wish I had your nerve.

    • Maryam says:

      Thank you very kind. Not sure I have the nerve. I was sort of signed up for the class and didn’t know what I was really getting into. I think you are much more courageous than me

      • Happy Bare says:

        I don’t think so. Being naked is not physically demanding, it is it’s own instant reward. I just have to take off my clothing and do regular stuff. You on the other hand have to teach your body an entire series move and motions, all choreographed, all done in time with another person and all physically demanding, and the reward comes after you have mastered it all. Anyway, good for you, you are embracing change and enjoying being alive.

      • Maryam says:

        Thank you. It is so fun I would like to someday embrace my nudity and not be afraid or ashamed of my body

      • Happy Bare says:

        Wouldn’t be wonderful to dance naked. Imagine the freedom and body awareness. I don’t mean in public necessarily, just alone or with another person. I couldn’t dance, just too lead footed.

      • Maryam says:

        indeed!!!! That is one thing you learn in class is not to be lead footed… I know you could do it.

      • Happy Bare says:



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