On Saturday night I went to my very first dance.  I know-46 years old and never been to a formal dance…but my mom was very strict about what activities I could participate in when I lived at home and dances was not one I could.


So through the Staver Dance Studio, Linda was hosting a dance and a showcase of all the students who just one awards in a competition in Los Angeles.  When I think students I think kids… I was surprised to find that these students ranged in age from 4th grade up to 80 years old.  They danced a myriad of steps such as Tango, rumba, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Waltz, Belly dancing and some others that I am not so sure of.


Before watching the dancers we danced a bit too.  I had purchased a new dress that had a bit of a gathered skirt so when I was spun, it would look delightful.  Linda also loaned me some dance shoes that had a two-inch heel on them.  I felt like a million dollars out on the dance floor and I actually knew enough of the East Coast Swing that I didn’t fall on my bum.


As we were talking to one of the Medal winners, she was telling us to keep up dancing because it keeps dementia at bay.  That statement is so profound to me especially with all that I am going through with mom right now.  So I decided to look it up.  Here is one of the studies I found on HUB PAGES.  Ballroom dancing may lower a person’s risk of cognitive decline.


I believe this can be true since you are having to engage the brain along with body movements.  Constantly using your brain in this aerobic exercise that is so much fun.  Definitely future dance classes are in my list of activities to be involved with.

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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