My friend, Randy invited me early in December to go fly fishing on the Deschutes with him. He would provide us with a guide and I would provide lodging and gas.

It was amazing being on the river today. So different than many of the streams and rivers I fish close to home.

When I heard guide I figured drifting and fishing on the water all day….oops. Slight detail I only found out a few days before the trip, you cannot fish from a boat on the Deschutes. While our guide drifted is to some great holes, we had to get out of the boat as gracefully (or not so gracefully) as possible to fish on the bank. Oh… And you cannot stand on some of the bank because it is private property. Oh and you need a special permit to fish (tribal permit) since part of the water is on an Indian Reservation.

Wading staff in hand, waders on, we headed out about 7:30 this morning. Well we encountered a drift boat traffic jam right away. So we pulled to the side and fished some big rocky banks.

About ten am I started having these very large buggy buggy bugs land on me and see them fluttering everywhere. This was the salmon fly or golden stone I have heard about so much. The bugs are HUGE.

There were lots of bugs out there to include caddis, mayflies, a few dragons, some mosquito oh and when I returned to the motel 2 TICKS!!! GAH!!!! EEEEK. I have taken two hot showers and am hoping there are no more seeking to suck my blood.

On our way out of fishing we ran into my first rattlesnake. It was in the middle of the road all coiled up. When we got out to take pics, it started rattling so I respectfully stayed my distance while the guide and Randy tried to move it out of the road.

And then the beautiful fish. I saw so many today. Had one on, lost it and towards the end of the day had one on all the way for a picture. It was the largest native rainbow I have ever caught on a dry fly. So exciting. I gladly purchased dinner as we made a bet before the day started largest fish buys dinner.

Many more pictures to come once I get home.



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14 Responses to Snakes+Bugs+Fish==

  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I have to say that snakes and bugs are not at the top of my list of species to interact with but I do now have a better appreciation of fishing for my favourite food fish – if you thought it was about sitting on the banks of a river, listening to the cricket scores with an occasional nibble from a trout – think again……

  2. Happy Bare says:

    Nice. You had great day.

  3. Dan Traun says:

    Ha ha – ticks are part of fly fishing, no fun non the less. Can’t wait to see more photos. I miss fly fishing.

  4. mammaflybox says:

    Yikes! I heard there are rattlers on the SF of the Boise where I am headed next week. Looks like a fun day of fishing! What fly did you end up using?

    • Maryam says:

      Well I had started with a large elk hair caddis but later I switched to a smaller size 10 stone fly. I hope you have a wonderful time. The guide told me to hit the ground with my wading stick and they would go away. I also had my waders on so it may be a defendant too. 😳

  5. banatxx says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Immensely Proud of You!

  6. Rattlesnakes are beautiful. My first experience with one was when I was a kid and we were fishing on a reservoir. We stopped and looked at it and got it to rattle (my dad was teaching me how they sound).

  7. M. Cisneros says:

    Oh Maryam I so excited finally fished the Deshutes!! How exciting!! Nice catch by the way. And a rattle snake to boot – ok you win 🙂


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