So I have only heard or read about the famous Salmon or Stone Fly hatch that happens on the Deschutes this time of year.  I have never seen one up close UNTIL Friday.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo many of these large bugs were crawling, flying, swimming everywhere it was crazy.  This 2-3 inch bug was sitting in the blades of grass, and occasionally one would fall in the water fluttering around drifting down with the current.  But it didn’t stay that way long, pretty soon you would see a change in the water and you would realize a fish just slurped that what must be yummy goodness off the top of the surface.

We didn’t want to take much time for lunch so we decided to eat in the boat anchored under a tree along the shore line.  We all took turns dropping the bugs in the water and watching them go quickly into the belly of the trout.  It didn’t take long to realize there were many fish sitting right there waiting for that to happen.  Randy-decided to get out of the boat and swing a fly down to see if he could snag one of these fish, but he had no luck.  They knew the difference between the real and fake one.


this picture isn’t as clear as I wanted it to be, but there were what seemed like hundreds of bugs on the blades of grass.






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