EDIM…My Fly Rod~lesson learned.

WELL…. I had to say goodbye to my favorite fly rod yesterday as it sunk to the bottom of Horton Pond. with tears in my eyes, I fluttered all around the spot it may have slipped off my float tube. I was reaching for something else and did not position it in such a way that this rookie mistake should have never happened.

I cherished that rod and reel. It has been on many adventures with me and seen many rivers and lakes. It is so very sad.


I was gifted with a beautiful echo 5wt rod almost three years ago.  My very first fly rod.  So very beautiful, attached to it was an amazing reel with all the backing and line included and was wrapped beautifully in a special case. 

I was afraid to use it at first being a newbie to the fly fishing world, but I got over that feeling fairly quickly and took it out often that summer. 

Two summers ago I had a tragedy happen with my fishing experience.  I was walking down the river trail to the spot I normally fish.  Of course I wasn’t paying any attention to my walking, but I was looking carefully at the water to see if there was anything hatching, rising and I thought I saw something.   Well whatever it was I saw quickly dissipated as I fell down the embankment into the blackberry bushes.  As I tried…

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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7 Responses to EDIM…My Fly Rod~lesson learned.

  1. g0ne fishin9 says:

    You could try to find someone with a fishfinder/sounder, locate it on the bottom maybe and retrieve it with a jig.
    But, hurtful as it doubtless is, I think it’s a proper way to retire for a rod, sitting at the bottom of a pond, singing anchor songs…

  2. banatxx says:

    + cord jig/dredge over spot don’t get weighted jig hung up though a favorite pole is a terrible thing to lose I broke my dads


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