As I shared in March and probably April, the restaurant I worked for closed down for new owners to come in and renovate.

When we all heard the news, it was most likely going to be a six-week transition and then re-open.  Well, now it is almost August 1st and they have not re-opened to the public yet.  But I heard Monday was the big day.

I chose not to go back for various reasons, but the stories I hear are mixed.  Great renovations, mixed feelings about different owners and new menus, and such great renovations, but not holding on to the historic value of the building.

Without guessing too much, a lot of money and time has gone into this renovation.   It has changed drastically, and I am wondering if it will serve our small community well, or if the “big city” feel of this place will scare guests away.  I am certain it will be busy at first and with most of my friends back working there, I wish it SUPREME SUCCESS.

I guess it is like your own home in a way.  You sell or move and sometimes you return to see what happened and questioned why?  Or Exclaim WOW!!!  I guess I have done both of these during this renovation…. but curious what others think.



Jazz Bar with Retro lights


Lobby and Main Bar


Renovated Train Car Seating with booths


Renovated Center with no Booths



second train car renovated with table-cloth



new Jazz bar


new bar

new bar

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8 Responses to NEW vs. OLD

  1. I plead the 5th. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Happy Bare says:

    Looks nice, but I don’t know how it was before. Times change. Roll with the punches.

  3. I think your community should be able to transition. Letting go can be hard. Hugs, Barbara

  4. banatxx says:

    Perhaps colder. Noisy accoustics. Less intimate. Classy looking though. Missing something

    • Maryam says:

      It definitely seems cold to me, but maybe because I see the restaurant with no guests. I just am trying so hard not to be judgmental, and having a hard time. Working on moving up and beyond but remember some of my past and take a deep breath. Some immense memories and feelings that catch up with me in times of change.
      Remembering loving moments and precious friends that have cycled in and through my life and work.


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