Funny story…well maybe not really.
say what

I have finished most of my registration for school except for a minor issue. When I legally changed my name back to my maiden name three years ago, I did not change it at the Social Security office. I actually didn’t even realize I hadn’t made that change until I registered for school and they have my name in there officially as my married name. I wanted them to change it and they will not until I have my Social Security Card updated.

Alright, no biggie right? WRONG I go into the courthouse and retrieve a certified copy of my Legal name change and then take it down to the Social Security Office. I wait, wait, wait and finally my number is called up.

I explain to the lady my dilemma and she says no problem. She explains she needs to have me answer some questions and swear under oath they are correct. So I started answering her questions, what is your Father’s name?, what is your Mother’s maiden name? Then she starts to look at my paperwork and her computer. She seems very puzzled and asks if she can see my driver’s license. After I hand it to her, she says there seems to be a problem, I will be right back. She leaves her little chair that is behind bullet proof glass and is gone for what seems eternity, although it may have been ten minutes. The whole time my mind is filing through what the issue could be. I have all my paperwork, I have all my ID, I answered all the questions.

She returns to the window and starts to ask me how I spell my first name…M-A-R-Y-A-M I answered. Well there seems to be an issue because the Social Security administration changed the spelling of my name to M-A-R-A-M. No Y. She then asks, did you legally change your first name and forget to bring that paperwork in. Well No I didn’t, so she then explains that someone in 2003 changed the spelling of my first name to MARAM and she will now need to do an investigation with the Baltimore office to see how they can change it back and why it happened in the first place.

SERIOUSLY??? I am slightly well mostly frustrated at this point because now I have to wait at least a week to hear back from the Social Security office to finish getting my school business done.  Leave it to the GOVERNMENT….


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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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4 Responses to SAY WHAT???

  1. Larry Graves says:

    When l requested a replacement social security card when l received it it had the name of Lawrence Graves, My legal name is Larry, l had to bring in my Birth Certificate & Drivers License. What a bunch of nonsense that was. So l feel your frustration level.

  2. mihrank says:

    wow – Maryam – we missed you!!!

  3. I legally changed my name before 2000. I’ve heard since 9/11, it’s much more difficult. I feel your pain. Been through red tape nightmares before. Not pretty. Here’s hoping it doesn’t actually take as long as they say. :-/


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