Instead of doing a year end blog post on New Year’s Eve- I decided to start tonight.

2014 has been a year of BIG CHANGES for me and lots of firsts.

In March the restaurant I started working for at age 18 sold to new owners and closed for quite a few months for total renovation. So my extra income went away and I learned to watch the changes unfold in the restaurant business.

I moved in late July in with my partner to a farm in rural Junction City. The move alone was big as I had not lived with anyone since my divorce and before that I had only lived with one man for 23 years.

In August, I started the application process for going back to college to pursue a goal I have had for many years. That same month my youngest daughter and I started forming a bond that had been lost since for a long time. We even went on a family camping trip that I haven’t done since pre-divorce. I am thankful to my therapist and lots of prayer for helping me with this. I know there is a long journey ahead but it doesn’t seem so hopeless.

In September I started back to school. Started with 11 credits and finished with 8 dropping my communications class. It was a huge step for me one that was so daunting and has been a lot of work.

October was a fun month as I was gifted with a trip to Vegas for my birthday. I had only been there once before a long long time ago.

November I took Alan down to Charleston for his birthday to go camping and crabbing. So much fun!!! I had never crabbed before.
Then Thanksgiving we hosted 16 guests (all family) for the largest turkey I have ever cooked.

December marked the end of the term and finals (which I am anxiously waiting my grades for) and lots of Christmas decorating. We have put lights up everywhere outside and inside. The tree is mostly decorated and I made my first batch of Christmas cookies. This weekend I am off to Seattle to spend some time with Alan’s family and then quick trip home to ready the house for large Christmas gathering.

Firsts for me this year- taking ballroom
Dance classes. Camping in an RV. Learning how to Czech nymph in Prineville. Took bubba fly fishing for the first time. Fishing on the Deschutes. Crabbing in the bay. Eating oysters. A new nephew who I am excited to meet. Having a new family as part of my life. And a loving partner and his dog Marfa who are so patient with me when I am grouchy or get the tractor stuck like four times in a month. …slight disclaimer as I know there are many more but being a bit groggy from pain medication I will possibly write a follow up post adding the things I have missed.
I am one super lucky girl. I am blessed.








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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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6 Responses to ALMOST A WRAP

  1. Wow, what a year! Hope the next one is even better 🙂

  2. Happy Bare says:

    Maryam! That sounds so wonderful. What a life you are living and making! Good for you. Can you imagine what next year holds? Probably not, so many more new thing to experience and new place to be. All the best to you over Christmas and the new year. So happy for you. Alex

  3. mihrank says:

    Amazing story and journey – Your new beginning will bring you much more success and accomplishments! May God show the light for your each step!

  4. I’m a little late coming to it, but this post made me grin all over the place, Maryam! I’m so happy your life is headed in strong and beautiful directions. May 2015 be generous to you!!


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